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Everything That Sparkles

The meaning of the Subtext

Natasha K
23 April
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My name is Natasha (Tash) and I am in year 9 at Westgate School. I am very easily amused so it isn’t hard to entertain me. I live everyday as if it will be the last, that way I won't be disappointed. I have some really great friends who keep me sane. I like to be 'me', and not anyone else, and it makes me laugh when all the wannabees look the same. What else.. hmm. I like to have fun with my friends doing random things. Especially making up random little quotey things. I have too many off them...

I hate bitches and wannabees. The totally suck. It's funny seeing someone that totally thinks they are popular. Oh and wait i don't hate bitches, as i am one of them. I hate chavs and townies and people that smoke. Smoking kills you know. I am very opinionated but i am actually quite lovely once you know me, darling.

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